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Going in will be very easy. A door will be open for you, and you will get into a room with different objects inside. All of them are there for a reason, nothing is there by chance. The elements that are not part of the game will be marked, so you don’t lose time and you can focus in getting together all the pieces. Going out will not be so easy!

Time is running, are you ready?

You will live an unique experience, positive, thrilling, and at the same time different to the rest of options of leisure in Barcelona. You can participate in ENIGMA whenever you want it, any day of the week at any time of the day.

There will be a screen in the room with a countdown for you to be conscious of the pass of the time, for those that can’t stand the pressure there will be a panic button that will allow the exit. The groups will be from 2 minimun to 5 maximum for a better game experience.

Everybody can take part of ENIGMA, but those who are under 18 years must come with an adult. ENIGMA is only for motivated people who are interested in teamwork.